MAGWheel MAX 1500w
MAGWheel MAX 1500w
MAGWheel MAX 1500w
MAGWheel MAX 1500w
MAGWheel MAX 1500w
MAGWheel MAX 1500w
MAGWheel MAX 1500w
MAGWheel MAX 1500w
MAGWheel MAX 1500w

MAGWheel MAX 1500w

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The MAGWheel Max 1500w is the board we've all been waiting for! It offers a further upgraded balance and power output algorithm, making mounting the smoothest and easiest yet! Combined with a new 7" high-output brushless hub motor, big 12 inch tire and extended rails, the Max's 1500 watt output provides an insane 1.9 horsepower and 37 ft-lbs of torque!!! Not to mention a top speed of 22mph! If you're ready for some real speed and power - on or off road - but don't want to drain your bank account, the MAGWheel MAX 1500w is the board for you!                

Inspired by a huge community of amazing riders, the MAGWheel MAX 1500w takes the previous models and adds some features requested by extreme riders:

More Speed! The MAX has quick acceleration and a top speed of 22mph, with the warning beep and push-back beginning around 20mph!

More Power! The high-torque motor gives extreme stability at high speeds, and powers up steep hills with ease.

More Range! Not only does the MAX internal battery provide up to 17+ miles on a single charge, but they are swappable, too! With a phillips screwdriver and 5 minutes, any adult rider can change in a fresh battery to keep on riding! 

Easier to Learn! The added power and improved programming make it easier than ever to learn how to mount and ride! When both pads are activated, the board will slowly level itself before moving forward.

The MAGWheel MAX 1500w uses state-of-the-art Magnetic And Gyroscopic technology to give you an unbelievably stable and and well-balanced ride: along city streets, up urban sidewalks, or on off-road terrain. Riders take control with super-intuitive "Lean-N-Go" design (forward/backward movement, acceleration/deceleration, braking, etc.). The MAGWheel MAX gives riders the sensation of floating while in motion and lets you carve effortlessly into corners.

The added torque and power make off road riding a blast, and allow for high speeds with incredible stability! The feel of snowboarding all year long, on one big wheel! One of the only real competitors in the One-Wheeled electric skateboard world, the MAGWheel MAX competes on a level with more expensive brands and options!

The extended rails and new, larger 12 inch tire, available in slick or treaded, gives great balance, higher clearance and smooth-riding, on or off-road.

With a powerful 1500w output brushless hub motor, the MAGWheel MAX 1500w can cruise at speeds of up to 22mph. A premium upgraded 60v 7ah LG lithium battery powers the drive and awesome LED lights, taking you up to 17+ miles on a single charge! The higher-output battery also provides consistent power and increased torque for added stability on or off road! For the ultimate in battery safety, the MAGWheel battery is fully enclosed within an aluminum 6-sided chamber that's double-walled & welded, and housed inside the rear deck.


With bright front and rear-mounted LEDs, the Trotter is even safe to ride at night! Rear lights shine red, front lights shine white-and reverse when changing direction!

 Check out some footage of the MAGWheel MAX in action on YouTube at 

Innovative Electronics!


  • High-tech product for outdoor exercise.

  • Uses space altitude control principle, balance algorithm and gyroscope system

  • Improved Self-balancing for forward and backward directions.

  • Forward, backwards, acceleration, deceleration, braking, turning

  • Incline climb angle 30+ degrees

  • Rugged and suitable for off road

  • Indicator warning lights/sound for top speed and low battery

  • 1 Year Warranty on the board and battery, 3 month warranty on LEDs and Tire!

  • U.S. Service Centers


Voltage: 60v

Certification: CE

Charging Time: 90-150 mins full charge 

Range Per Charge 17+ miles max range

Board Dimensions (L*W*H): 30"x10.5"x12" 

Motor power: 1500w

Tire Size: 12x6x7

Max Recommended Capacity: 300+ lbs 

Max Speed: 22mph 

Frame Material: Aircraft-Grade Aluminum

Battery type: Li-ion Battery

Battery Capacity: 7ah - up to 17+ mile range

Max Climb Capacity: 30°+

Water and Dust Resistance Level: IP54

Name: MAGWheel MAX 1500w One-Wheeled Self-Balancing Electric Skateboard

Purchase includes: 

1 x MAGWheel MAX 1500w

1 1 x Instruction Manual

1x 2A Charger




Travel thousands of miles without issues! If, for some reason, your board malfunctions in the first 12 months, we will repair or replace it free of charge. We will even send a prepaid shipping label to have it sent to our Warranty Repair Center in Michigan at no cost to you! In addition, the tire is covered by a 3 month warranty against defects!